Criminal: Become Vengeance (2013)

Criminal: Become Vengeance (2013)
2016 PG 4K
 6309 Votes     HD Movie: 3639 Stars 

Genre: Thriller

Language: English, English, Spanish

Country: Canada

Release Date: December 1, 2013        Run Time: 55min

Director: Elliot Dawson-Clark

Writer: Elliot Dawson-Clark, Graham Robinson

Producer: Elliot Dawson-Clark

Cast: Ian Dyck, Robert Grey, Alicia Kenworthy

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After his wife is murdered, Innis decides to take the law into his own hands. But as he comes closer to catching the man that killed his wife, Innis discovers the dark side of justice and finds the will to never look back.

Criminal: Become Vengeance (2013)