Doctor Spine (2015)

Doctor Spine (2015)
2016 PG 4K
 6309 Votes     HD Movie: 3639 Stars 

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Language: English

Country: USA

Release Date: September 13, 2015        Run Time: 1h 42min

Director: John Wesley Norton

Writer: John Wesley Norton

Producer: John Wesley Norton

Cast: Michael Wexler, Reggie Bannister, Joe Estevez

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Sometimes life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! Doctor Spine, a mild mannered chiropractor, or a bone-popping madman?! When his brain is split into three separate personalities by a meddling head shrink, it’s a race against time to piece his fractured mind back together before he destroys everyone around him! First he’ll crack you, then he’ll whack you! The Doctor is in-sane!

Doctor Spine (2015)