Metamorphosis (2007)

Metamorphosis (2007)
2016 PG 4K
 6309 Votes     HD Movie: 3639 Stars 

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Thriller

Language: English, Hungarian

Country: Germany, Hungary, UK, Austria, Canada

Release Date: March 7, 2007        Run Time: 1h 38min

Director: Jenö Hodi

Writer: Tibor Fonyódi, Jenö Hodi

Producer: Leander Carell

Cast: Corey Sevier, Irena Violette, Christopher Lambert

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In the Seventeenth Century, while Hungary is fighting the Turks, the population of a small village in the Carpathian Mountains faces the evil Countess Elizabeth Bathory, accused of drinking and bathing in blood of virgin women. Count Thurzo imprisons the Countess in the tower of a monastery and brings her daughter to live with him.

Metamorphosis (2007)