Rock Haven (2007)

Rock Haven (2007)
2016 PG 4K
 6309 Votes     HD Movie: 3639 Stars 

Genre: Drama

Language: English

Country: Canada

Release Date: June 21, 2007        Run Time: 1h 18min

Director: David Lewis

Writer: David Lewis

Producer: David Lewis

Cast: Sean Hoagland, Owen Alabado, Laura Jane Coles

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Brady (Sean Hoagland), who will shortly be going away to college, is a shy, introspective 18 year old, who moves to the coastal seaside town of Rock Haven with his overprotective, widowed mother Marty (Laura Jane Coles), who is setting up a Christian school nearby. He spends a lot of time on the beach, either reading the bible or staring at the waves crashing on shore, until he meets a neighbour’s free- spirited visiting son, 19 year old Clifford (Owen Alabado).

Rock Haven (2007)