Scrooge in the Hood (2011)

Scrooge in the Hood (2011)
2016 PG 4K
 6309 Votes     HD Movie: 3639 Stars 

Genre: Comedy

Language: English

Country: USA

Release Date: December 10, 2011        Run Time: 90 Minutes

Director: Richard Chandler

Writer: Richard Chandler

Producer: Richard Chandler

Cast: George Raynor, Tina Krause, Seregon O'Dassey

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Charles Dickens’ classic heart warming tale…not really. The Jewish mafia has decided to steal Scrooge’s whoring business and ruin the holidays; all the while Scrooge is visited by the three ghosts of Christmas, who attempt to show him the errors of his greedy ways.

Scrooge in the Hood (2011)